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Alfred Townsend

Alfred Townsend

Financial Advisor, Registered Fiduciary®

A seasoned veteran of the financial services industry with over 43 years of experience.

Senior Wealth Advisor

Al Townsend has had a satisfying and tenured career in the financial services industry that has allowed him to acquire what he believes is a valuable perspective from which to advise clients. His career started as a financial advisor in 1977 when he joined Paine Webber Inc. and quickly became one of their top advisors. He transitioned to the institutional side of the business eight years later with E. F. Hutton where he became one of 18 specialists working with national and state S&Ls and commercial banks to help them manage their assets and liabilities in order to make it through the 80’s banking crisis. One notable accomplishment was working with the second largest failed thrift institution in the U.S. to restructure its assets, comply with Federal guidelines, and meet its obligations to depositors.


As the banking crisis wound down, Mr. Townsend moved to management and become a Principal and Head of Marketing for one of the country’s top financial planning firms. In this capacity, he was responsible for staffing, training, and maintaining a national network of over 400 registered financial advisors. The firm was acquired by Pacific Mutual Company (better known as PIMCO).


For 24 years, Al Townsend was the President of TMC Group. He consulted with investment firms, banks, and insurance companies around the world to help them become more competitive in their markets and to improve the quality of their wealth management business. He has consulted with the leadership/management of numerous financial services firms and has personally trained over 15,000 financial services professionals to enhance and expand their knowledge and skill sets to successfully execute against a client-centric financial and wealth management business model.

Al founded Townsend Financial Life Management and is a Senior Advisor bringing his broad knowledge and experience to work with clients to plan for their retirement and manage their wealth. He works closely with his son AJ to advise and guide clients to help meet their financial goals and potentially protect their standard of living in a very complex and constantly changing environment. As a Registered Fiduciary®, he consults with business owners on how to provide workplace benefits, and provide ongoing investment advisory services to help ensure that employee benefits are in line with the goals of the company and comply with ERISA guidelines.

Al is married to Judy, has three wonderful children and two grandchildren.